Murals Chesterfield

Youth Mural - 2003
Mural Artist-mentor: Irene Osborne Dip FA.

About the Mural The aim and resulting design of the mural is derived from exploration and design sessions between The Artist-mentor, Irene Osborne, and a group of young people, incorporating their idea's into the theme -'Past, present & future - the path' . It reflects the journey and developmental pathway that young people participating are currently on. It is envisaged that the mural will be on-going with more young people later encouraged to contribute to the 'pathway'-mural providing an opportunity to develop their creative skills and in a positive way, to express themselves. This may be done by addition of more body shapes, decorative elements and particularly more footprints that may be painted or decorated freely.

Mural Before Irene and Young people Mural Invite
Mural Before Working On Plan Mural Invite
Magpie Mascot Magpie Mascot Penciling Shapes
Magpie Mascot Magpie Detail Penciling In Shapes

Footprints are as individual as their owner and symbolise steps along the pathway of life. Body shapes of participants reflect the reality of their journey, actively participating and growing together in a common project. The rainbow path reflects inspirational words supplied by participants in the design sessions, a selection of colours representing the joy of life, spirituality and growth etc. The inclusion of the bird, a friendly magpie native to the immediate area, was adopted into the mural design as a symbol of freedom to grow as an individual and to come and go at will, thoughts of youth participating and probably shared by most youth of today.

Mural Plan Mural Trenchcoat
Mural Plan Mural Trenchcoat
Mural Finished Look What I've Done
Mural Finished Look What I've Done

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