Feather Banners

Stunning, Colourful, Celebration

Shark Bay Feather Banners

Created by Western Australian Artist
Irene Osborne Dip F.A.

Feather Banners are considered the ultimate, impressive outdoor display for celebrations, town displays, festivals, special events and promotions.

Each Feather Banner :
bullet is a "one off" artist designed, hand crafted, original showpiece
bullet is uniquely designed to celebrate any theme, environment or region desired
bullet is stitched from strong denier nylon banner cloth similar to rip-stock nylon used in sailboarding and hot air balloons
bullet is UV treated to resist fading
bullet stands approximately 4.5m tall

For maximum impact, a collection of at least seven to ten Feather Banners make a stunning display. Selection of shapes and sizes available.

Ask Irene how to build a unique collection for your community, festival, business or celebration today. To avoid disappointment, early planning and consultation with the Banner Artist is advised.


Contact Irene: or Ph/Fax: 08 - 9527 3419

or use the enquiry form in the
for more information regarding any Community Art