Public Art Gallery

Medium - Stainless Steel & recycled wooden power poles

Sculptor - Artwork & design by Irene Osborne

Location: Delphinis Park, cnr Rae Rd & Read St. Rockingham

Commissioner: City of Rockingham
Project Date: 2004-2005. Installation May 2005.

About the Artworks:

The collection of 2 winged birds on stainless steel grass trees and one bird without wings all sit atop of recycled wooden power poles in the corner on the Delphinis Park on the corners of Rae Rd and Read Streets in Rockingham. The setting is completed by the natural placement of local native grass trees and the local sandstone supporting wall curved around one side of the grouping.

This installation is the minor entry statement to Rockingham from the new train station currently under construction. The Grass Trees sculptures are the larger part of an overall project including artworks by several other local artists all linked by the local environment, drains and walking paths located in the Delphinis Park to Bungaree Lake Parks precincts. Irene has also been commissioned to create more bird sculptures to be fitted to light poles and banner poles further into the park as part of the same project.

Details of Grass tree and Birds Sculpture

Single Bird On Pole Twin Birds On Poles Twin Birds On Poles
Single Bird On Post Twin Birds On Poles Twin Birds On Poles

3 Birds On Posts Sunset Twin Birds On Posts Sunset
3 Birds On Posts Sunset 2 Birds On Posts Sunset

Mesh Sculpture Ibises Mesh Sculpture Eagle
Mesh Sculpture Ibises Mesh Sculpture Eagle

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