Irene's Biography
From early childhood, Irene has followed her inner energy to create artwork and it has become her passion, her personal escape and a means of sharing her world with others. From a young age she would draw and sketch on anything including the back of the labels from tins of jam or soap!
At 17 Irene attended night school honing her skills until she built up her folio of work to gain entry to the Claremont School of Art. From 1972 Irene attended 3 years of full time arts study to achieve her Diploma in Fine Arts. In 1972 Irene also met and married her husband Jim, a soldier.

From 1976 with Jim, she traveled around the Eastern States for the next 10 years still painting whilst bringing up their two children. During this time, Irene continued to paint and accepted various teaching positions. After 21 years of service, Jim retired from the military and the family returned to WA, where Irene has continued her art.

After 18 months back in WA, the family moved 1500km north to the Pilbara where Jim started work for an iron-ore company. Irene began to explore the stunning remote and rugged landscapes of the region through her artwork. She also discovered and became very interested in the challenges of mining and resources as one of her many painting subjects. She was one of the founders of and assisted to establish the Wickham Multi Arts Group and taught visual arts classes for Karratha College and assisted in curating the Cossack Art Gallery for several years. Whilst in the Pilbara, Irene also began to do community Art and Public Art projects, including making her Etched Welcome Stones at Karratha airport.

During these years Irene had many opportunities to explore and paint the stunning landforms of remote northern and inland Australia, going on art safaris to the Kimberley's and central Australian deserts.
In 1996, Irene went to New York to exhibit her paintings with several other artists from WA. In 1999 Jim retired from the workforce and they returned to Perth.

In recent years Irene has traveled widely around Western Australia, sharing her skills and knowledge with remote communities. She has undertaken many Public Artworks and continues to produce her stunning paintings.

For more than 30 years, Western Australian Artist, Irene Osborne has been constantly involved in the arts, building an impressive CV with her wide range of experiences. She has been an arts lecturer across Australia, and continues to be sought after, for her paintings and all sorts of community or public arts projects for private and corporate organizations. Her award winning art works, have been exhibited throughout Australia and overseas, and this accomplished artist is represented in numerous private and Corporate Collections Worldwide.